Nature Artisan's story

Nature Artisan is a Canada business located in Sherbrooke, Cantons-de-l’Est, in the  province of Quebec, founded by Alexandre and Patricia, two long-time passionate harvesters whose mission is to make known and accessible treasures of our forests.

Inspired by the beauty and abundance of nature, they embarked on a mission to create a brand that celebrates the natural forest flavors and promotes artisanal production and the responsible picking practices.

With its 100% pure Infused maple syrups, Herbal tea and Chaga, and its Smoked Montreal spices, Nature Artisan brings the forest flavours to your table.

Nature Artisan

Responsible Harvesting and Forest Flavors

At Nature Artisan, we believe in the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations. That's why we carefully select our ingredients, ensuring that they are sustainably sourced and harvested. Our herbal teas and infused maple syrups are made from hand-picked herbs, berries, and mushrooms, including the renowned Quebec Chaga, known for its numerous health benefits.


Nature Artisan

Environmental Respect and Resource Perenity

Preserving the environment is at the core of our philosophy. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by using sustainable packaging materials and implementing eco-friendly practices throughout our production process. By choosing Nature Artisan, you can enjoy our products with the knowledge that you are supporting a brand committed to the long-term well-being of our planet.

Nature Artisan

Discover the Art of Nature

Embark on a journey of taste and wellness with Nature Artisan. Explore our range of herbal teas and infused maple syrups and Spices and let the flavors of nature enchant your senses. Join us in embracing a sustainable lifestyle that celebrates the beauty and bounty of our natural world.


Our speciality

Infused Maple Syrups