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Nature Artisan

Herbal tea - Echinacea Rose

Herbal tea - Echinacea Rose

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Experience the natural benefits of Echinacea and Rose with Nature Artisan's organic Herbal Tea blend. This comforting beverage combines two herbal powerhouses, providing a relaxing, calming effect. Echinacea helps boost the immune system, while Rose petals offer a mild citrus-like flavor. Enjoy a soothing cup of tea and feel the difference!

Contain 100 gr.

Instructions: Bring a cup of water to a boil and add 1 heaped teaspoon (about 1.5g) of tea. Infuse 2 to 7 minutes, filter and enjoy.

Echinaceas, rose petals, Holy basil leaves, chamomile, cranberry and raspberry pieces, natural flavors (Organic compliant)


  • Responsible harvesting
  • Recyclable containers
  • Local product
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